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That’s my costume!
marustagram on DeviantArt.

Two of my favorite things: old-school games and Japanese girls!

Simon + Minori = Let’s play!

(Source: cke18.net)

Retro Japan! Busty, cute and sexy 90’s Japanese babe, Mami Katagiri.

Creamy, kawaii, delicious! Just lick it!

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Hot pussy? How will YOU be cooling off this summer? #hot #sweets #japan

Who <3’s t-fronts? #Japanese #Hentaku

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Delicious booty for all the ass lovers out there!

Probably the most kawaii model we&#8217;ve ever shot. Do you think so? Uri-chan came to us with emotions of excitement and shyness. This was her first time doing chakuero (extreme Japanese tease genre).